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Methods – Fix Cavity Wall Ties

 Wall Tie failure or inadequacy can lead to catastrophic collapse. Wall tie corrosion is a common cause of wall tie failure in coastal areas Helitec employ proven and tested methods to fix cavity wall ties. Walls suffering from failed, omitted or inadequate wall tie systems are most vulnerable during high wind and seismic events.

Don’t Let This Happen To Your Building

Wall Tie Failure

Helitec Structural Services uses different remedial strategies to fix cavity wall ties depending on the exact requirements of each job. We use Helifix Stainless Steel Helical Bars and various systems to reinstate the building integrity and strength. Some common methods use include;


Leaning Walls
Retro-fitted Helical Wall Tie

DryFix ties are probably the quickest and most cost-effective ties available. Requiring no grouts or resins, they are simply power-driven into both leaves, via a small pilot hole, using a special attachment which leaves the tie recessed below the face.




Fix cavity wall ties

RetroTies are a stainless steel remedial wall ties dry-fixed in the far leaf and resin bonded at the outer end. It is effective in all common building material. RetroTies are power-driven into the inner leave through a pilot hole in the outer leaf. The tie is then chemically bonded using specially formulated resins into the outer leaf.


Fix cavity wall tiesResiTie is a remedial wall tie, used where a resin bond is required at booth ends. ResiTies are ideally suited for use in situations not otherwise suited to mechanical pining or for use in small quantities minimising specialised tooling requirements.




Fix cavity wall tiesBowTie is a wall tie system for connecting masonry walls to internal joists. BowTies are used when tying to parallel joists. Standard BowTie are a self tapping helical tie. Installation involves driving one end through a clearance holemdrilleb through masonry before being driven into the joists. the outer end are then bonded into the masonry walls with epoxy resins.


We Use Helifix Repair Systems to Permanently Fix Cavity Wall Ties


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