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Methods – Fix Expansion Joints


fix expansion joints
Inserting movement joints

Helitec Structural Services utilise several strategies to fix expansion joints in buildings including;

 Creating Movement Joints

Fix expansion joints

Using 400mm helical movement ties, together with helifix retrofit ties, creating movement joints in existing walls is very important. The appropriate number of helical ties are installed either side of the proposed joint. Horizontal slots are then cut, to the required depth and vertical spacing, across the planned movement joint. A vertical slot is then cut in the outer wall between the two columns of helical ties.

Resin is injected into the horizontal slot and a de-bond sleeve is fitted over one half of the 400mm movement tie before the complete assembly is pushed into the slot, bonded and re-pointed. The sleeve at one end and the movement tie at the other are bonded into the masonry but the movement tie is left free to move inside the sleeve.

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