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Corroded Wall Ties – Tamarama

This four level block of 12 units on the eastern seaboard at Tamarama needed replacement of corroded wall ties to reinstate its structural strength.

wall tieswall tie repairs

Helitec was called in to undertake an investigation of the condition of the wall ties. After removing selected bricks it is was found  that there was extensive corrosion of the existing ties affecting all four elevations.

wall tie repairs

wall tie repairs

A total of 1800 ties were installed through the external brick skin and anchored into the internal brick substructure using Helifix Resitie® remediation systems.

During the works it was discovered some of the concrete slab has signs of damage. Helitec repaired the damage during our works.

Once complete Helitec undertook comprehensive testing to ensure the replaced wall ties reinstated the long term structural strength of the building.

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