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Heritage Repairs to Terraces in Surry Hills

These beautiful adjoining heritage terraces in Surry Hills had experienced extensive internal and external wall cracking. Helitec were called in to find a permanent solution to repairing the terraces that had been built in the 19th century.

Both terraces needed repair and remediation using Helifix marine grade stainless steel helical bars. Both internal and external cracks were repaired by Helitec’s experienced tradesmen.

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The exterior of the terraces suffered unsightly cracking. Helitec fixed the wall cracks using Helifix tested and proven methods of masonry repairs saving the owners considerable cost by not having to rebuild the damaged walls.

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The interior walls of the terraces had cracking that was effecting the structural integrity of the buildings. Helitec’s methods to remediate cracking walls is a permanent solution to restore the strength of damaged buildings.

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wall crack repairs






wall crack repairs

wall crack repairs







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Helitec undertook structural strengthening of the cracked party wall between the terraces by installing Helifix Dryfix® wall ties. After drilling pilot holes helical ties are inserted using a power driver to ensure a permanent solution.

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