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Crack Stitch Repairs TAFE Goulburn

Crack Stitch Repairs

Helitec were called in to repair wall cracking at the Goulburn TAFE. The buildings Façade, Parapet and Internal Doorways had suffered extensive cracking.

Helitec inserted Helifix Helibeams to permanently fix the masonry cracks.

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Crack Stitching Facade

Helifix Helibeams
Position of wall cracks in buildings façade
Cracked Masonry Repairs
Chasing out in preparation of fixing Helifix Helibeam
Crack Stitch Repairs
Repaired cracks before repainting

Parapet and Masonry repairs

parapet repairs
Cracking evident in buildings parapet and masonry wall
Strengthening Parapet and inserting Helifix Helibeams

Repair and strengthening of Doorway

Cracking above Doorway
Pinning and strengthening Doorway
Inserted Helibeams and repaired cracks before repainting