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Expansion Joints TAFE Shellharbour

Fixing Expansion Joints and Crack Stitch Repairs.

Helitec were called in to fix inadequate movement joints at the north elevation wall of Block G at the Shellharbour TAFE. Themal and moisture movement had damaged the wall.  The brick wall also had vertical cracks at the NW corner resulting from inadequate provision made to accomodate thermal and moisture movement. There were also vertical cracks appearing adjacent to the failed movement joint. Thermal and moisture movement (brick growth) was expected to continue to occur along the approximate 60m total length of the wall.

Repair brick expansion joints Sydney
Inadequate movement joints and adjacent wall cracking
Brick expansion Joint
Vertical cracking at upper north corner

Helitec inserted Helifix Movement Joints to permanently solve the effects of thermal and moisture (brick growth).

Movement Joints were inserted every 4th course. These movement joints allow sufficient wall movement to prevent cracking or damage to the wall.

Helifix movement joint details can be found Here.

Brick expansion Joint
Retro fitting movement joints
Brick expansion Joint
Repairs to movement joints before final chalking

Repairing Cracked Walls

Once the movement joints were inserted Helitec undertook the chasing out of mortar at every 4th course where there was cracking in the wall. Helifix Stainless Steel Helical bars were inserted and grouted into place using Helifix Helibond.

HeliBond is an injectable, non-shrink, thixotropic, cementitious grout that rapidly develops high compressive bond strength. It has been specifically formulated by Helifix to achieve the highest standards required that are necessary to ensure effectiveness and structural safety of the repair being undertaken using Helifix product.

Expansion joint
Installing Helibars in wall cracks

The vertical cracks were injected with Crackbond TE. Helifix Crackbond TE is a non-shrink, medium viscosity, thixotropic epoxy. Once the epoxy is cured Helitec then matched the original mortar colour and made all joints good.

Wall cracks
Making good vertical cracks
Brick expansion joint
Repaired movement joint and adjacent wall cracks

Repairing cracks and strengthening corner

Thermal and moisture expansion resulted in cracked bricks at the upper parts of the northern walls corner. Helitec stitched the wall corner by wrapping helibars around the end of the wall. This method strengthened the end of the wall ensuring a permanent fix to the wall cracking.

Brick corner crack
Stitching Helibars around the wall corner
Helitec EWP
Using Elevated Work Platform to access corner cracks.
Wall Cracks
Job Done

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