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Brick Repointing – Methods

Brick Repointing & Tuckpointing

brick repointing
Stone wall in process of repointing

Brick Repointing is the process of restoring deteriorated mortar joints in masonry. It is often also called simply Brick Pointing.

Work begins with carefully grinding out the old deteriorated mortar to a depth of 25mm to 30mm. Helitec Structural Services uses specialised tools fitted with dust control vacuum equipment to eliminate up to 95% of the airborne dust and waste.

Helitec uses the highest quality brick mortar and can colour the motor to match the original building finish.

The new mortar is then troweled or injected into the prepared joints, tooled off and dressed. After setting for 24 hours, the brickwork is cleaned to leave a neat, better than new finish.

Helitec Structural Services will restore your brickwork in Sydney and regional NSW back to its original condition, restoring the structural integrity of the building, protecting against dampness, while improving the appearance and increasing the value of your home.

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