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What We Fix


Brick & Stone Repointing


stone repointing
Sandstone repointing in progress

Give your building a fresh new look. Brick and stone repointing is a cost effective way to restore tired walls. We use high quality materials and methods to give your building a longer sustainable life. Contact Helitec for a free inspection and quote.

brick and stone repointing

Cavity Wall Tie Replacement

Cavity Wall Ties
Replacing Wall Ties Using Helifix Chemties

Helitec are experts in assessing and repairing failing wall ties. We use tested and proven methods that have been developed over 30 years. All our work is guaranteed and backed up with warranties. No matter how big or small your repair  is contact us today for a free inspection and quote.

Approved Helifix Installer

Crack Repairs

Crack stitching
Crack Stitching a Wall above archway

We repair unsightly wall cracks saving thousands on replacing damaged walls. We ensure the structural integrity of your building using stainless steel helical bars with cementious grout for a sustainable guaranteed solution. Contact us today for a free assessment and quote.crack stitching

Expansion Joints


building remediation
Inserting Expansion Joint

Several building defects such as thermal expansion and contraction, brick growth, foundation movement etc can be fixed by fitting expansion control joints. In some older buildings movement joints weren’t  created during construction and the effects of movement can be quite noticeable due cracking and bulging. We use proven and trusted methods to repair or retrofit expansion  joints backed nut with our grantee and warranty. MBA Member

Heritage Restoration

Lintel & Arch Repairs
Restored Arch
heritage Veranda restoration
Restored Veranda 

Helitec proudly undertakes all masonry aspects of heritage restoration. We are perfectionists who take great pride in our work. The primary concern of owners and guardians of heritage buildings is maintaining and preserving the function, safety and longevity of their historic building asset.

Heritage Home Repairs
Restored Ceiling
Heritage Restoration
Restored Veranda Tiles

Helitec’s skilled and capable team of craftsmen use both traditional and modern techniques to repair and restore heritage buildings, delivering the high standards of workmanship that can only come from years of knowledge and experience. Contact our friendly and helpful staff on 1300 234 450 to discuss your building restoration requirements.Heritage Restoration

Leaning Wall Repairs


Leaning Wall Repairs
Leaning Wall before Repair

Leaning Walls are an indication of structural problems in your building. There are many reasons why walls might lean. Unstable ground may have damaged wall stability. The cavity wall ties that connect the internal and external walls of your home may have corroded and snapped. Dampness which has led to crumbling and decay of the wall material or structural faults in the foundation of your home may be other reasons. We are Helifix Approved Installers and guarantee our repairs.

Approved Helifix Installer

Lintels & Arches Repairs


window arch bar
Mild steel arch bar replaced with stainless steel curved arch bar

Arches and lintels can crack, bend, drop or even collapse for a wide variety of reasons. They’re usually a symptom of a problem that you can’t see with your naked eyes. Movement in the ground. Dampness in the walls. It might even be poor craftsmanship from way back when. In any case, arch and lintel repair should be your top priority. It’s best to get them inspected the moment you see them.Lintel and arch repairs

Masonry Restoration

Masonry Repairs
Supporting Failing Facade before Masonry Repairs

Masonry Restoration

The Helitec team of experienced and dedicated specialists can help to identify and repair a variety of common problems affecting brick building facades including crack repairs and masonry strengthening using the latest techniques and high tensile stainless steel helical reinforcement, rebuilding damaged brick, block and sandstone walls, replacement of rusted wall ties with stainless steel remedial wall ties , replacement of corroded galvanised lintels with stainless steel lintels. Using the latest in materials, tools and techniques we carry out repairs quickly, efficiently and with minimal cost and inconvenience to the building owners and occupants. We are the experts in fixing masonry problems and our workmanship and materials are guaranteed. Our customers benefit through considerable savings in project cost and completion time.

MBA Member

Stone Restoration

Building RestorationStone RestorationHelitec Structural Services are experts at replacing and repairing stone walls. At Helitec our qualified stonemasons take pride in their stone restoration craftsmanship. Stone arches, walls, lintels, landscape retaining  and sea walls are all covered. Contact us today for your free inspection and quote.Stone Restoration

Other Building Restoration Services

  • Free initial inspection and assessment.
  • Planning, design and execution of repair strategies and works programs.
  • Effective communications between the Client, Engineer, Architect and other  Consultants involved in the project.
  • Supply and installation of other specialist anchors including;
    Hulk Earth Anchor™ System – Engineered Solutions for Geotechnical and Structural Stabilisation.
    Helifix Dixie Micro Pile™ System – Economical and non-disruptive foundation stabilisation.
  • Railway Industry Worker (RIW) Certified Staff for work on all NSW Rail and Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC) Projects.
  • Advice on specialist access requirements.
  • Own scaffolding and our licensed scaffolders, save you money on access.
  • General Building Construction and Project Management.
  • NSW Fair Trading, Building Contractor Licence No. 290409C.

Contact our friendly and helpful staff on 1300 234 450  to discuss all your building needs.

Approved Helifix Installer

Helitec Structural Services are approved installers of Helifix.