Historical Lower Fort Street Restorations


Historical Lower Fort Street Restorations

Lower Fort Street in many ways is the most representative of “Old Sydney”. Trinity Church (formally Garrison Church) and The Hero Of Waterloo Hotel (originally The Young Princess) are located at the southern end of this historic street. The famous … Read more

Micro Piles

Underpinning with Micro Piles

Helitec Structural Services are experts at stabilising buildings that have sinking foundations, unstable soils, leaning or un level or have cracked walls. One of our popular methods is by using Helifix Dixie Micro Piles. Underpinning with micro piles take away … Read more

heritage & historical restorations

Heritage Repairs and Maintenance

Undertaking minor heritage repairs and maintenance can prevent a buildings defects becoming major rectification works and costing more in repairs. Whether your building is a high-density residential or commercial tower block, a warehouse or a free dwelling home there are … Read more

conservation repairs

Conservation at Croydon

Croydon Public School is a public, co-educational, primary school located in Croydon a suburb of Sydney that required conservation of its original administration building. Established in February 1884, Croydon is historically important as one of the first schools built after the Public … Read more

failed arch repair

Failed Arch Repair in Casula

Helitec were called in to repair and strengthen a failed arch on a brick home in Casula A large crack appearing on the main front wall of a well constructed and maintained family home in the Sydney suburb of Casula, was a … Read more

Helifix brick ties

Double Bay Restoration

The partial collapse of the external brickwork of a neighbouring apartment block, due to corroded cavity wall ties, promoted the owners of this harbour side apartment building in Double Bay to engage an Engineer to also investigate and report on … Read more


Workability additives and mortar bond strength

Workability additives and mortar bond strength Many bricklayers will use workability additives to “fatten up” the mortar mix, but what does this do to the mortar bond strength? There appears to be a lot of confusion and misinformation in the … Read more

Repointing Brick Walls

Why Traditional Lime Mortar

Why Traditional Lime Mortar? Helitec Site Supervisor and heritage Stonemason, Mark Downton discusses the advantages of using traditional and compatible mortars in heritage restoration work. Damaged to stone can often result when incompatible mortars are used The use of traditional … Read more

Newtown Terrace Restoration

This beautiful home in Newtown, along with many others in the street, had been affected by tree roots. Over time the building had received patch repairs and gyprock sheeting was used to hide the internal cracks. Helitec were called in … Read more