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Lintels & Arches Repairs

Repairing broken or corroded lintels & Arches is a cost effect method to maintain the structural integrity of your building. Helitec Structural Services will identify the correct and most cost effect method of brick arch and lintel repair solution for your building

Lintel & Arch Repairs
Steel Lintel Needs Replacing

Lintels & arches

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Both Lintels & Arches are important in the structural integrity of your building. They bear the load and support your walls. But as time passes, the arches or lintels that sit above your windows can fail – even if they’re made of tougher materials like stone, brick, concrete or even steel.

Arches and lintels can crack, bend, drop or even collapse for a wide variety of reasons. They’re usually a symptom of a problem that you can’t see with your naked eyes. Movement in the ground. Dampness in the walls. It might even be poor craftsmanship from way back when.

In any case, arch and lintel repair should be your top priority. It’s best to get them inspected the moment you see them.The last thing you want is for the whole wall to come crashing down, out of the blue.

 At Helitec Structural Services, we have a qualified team of fully licensed technicians and qualified structural engineers who have successfully diagnosed and repaired the arches and lintels in hundreds of homes of all sizes.

Our team uses the latest techniques and technologies to quickly diagnose the real problem and within a day, for a comparatively low price, repair arches or lintels above your doors and windows.

If you work with us, it won’t be long before your arches and lintels are looking beautiful again. And most importantly, you’ll be able to relax knowing that your walls are stable and safe.

If the windows lintels or arches in your building-

  • Have movement
  • Have slipping keystones
  • Are corroded or expanded
  • Are causing cracks in brick and stone courses
  • Have damaged surrounding window frames

Your lintels & arches may be failing, and in a worst-case scenario, they may collapse. CONTACT Helitec Structural Services today for your free site inspection.

Helitec Structural Services use proven methods to replace lintels and repair of arches. Helitec Structural Services are Approved Helifix  Installers. Click on this LINK to see how it is done.

Approved Helifix Installer

Arch & lintel Repairs
Restored Arch
Helitec Structural Engineers are registered, Fully licenced and insured.
Lintel and arch repairs
Our expert team will fix your Arches & Lintels

Over the years, our licenced technicians and highly qualified structural engineers have successfully repaired wall cracks, small, medium and large. So don’t worry! Your home is in safe hands.

With our extensive experience, our structural engineers can diagnose the real problem that’s causing your wall cracks in no time. Using the latest techniques and technological innovations, our team will stabilise your walls, and the foundations of your home if needed.

The cracks in your walls will be nicely repaired for a home that’s as aesthetically pleasing as it is safe to live in. We use proven crack stitching techniques to ensure the crack stitching of your walls is completed with minimum disruption.

Our Guarantee:

  • Quick, efficient and professional service.
  • Free inspections.
  • Easy to understand quotations with easy to read building repair reports.
  • Affordable Pricing
  • Minimal disruptions to your enjoyment of your building and comfort of your buildings neighbours.
  • 10-year warranty: if your repaired arches and lintels begin failing, we’ll be back to fix them at no extra cost.

We Use Helifix Repair Systems to Permanently Fix Lintels And Arches

Fixing Lintels & Arches
Example of Fixing Lintels & Arches

“Thanks Jerry, Mark and team. Very happy with the results of my crack stitching brickwork. Great job.  Thanks.”

Geoff, Hunters Hill NSW

Crack Stitching

Examples of different types of brick arches and lintels repaired by Helitec. What are your walls telling you about the health of your home?

Lintels & Arch Repairs
Historic Brick Arch Needing Repair
Lintel & Arch Repairs
Brick Arch Nearing Collapse