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Repairing Cracked Walls

How to Repair Cracked Brick Walls
Before/After cracked wall repairs

Crack Stitching

Repairing cracked walls
Crack Stitching Method

Cracked wall stitching repairs damaged masonry walls as a result of movement in foundation soils, seismic activity cyclical wet and dry, hot and cold enviromental conditions.

Repairing cracked walls is a method of repairing and stabilising cracked Masonry using Helical Bars bonded into slots cut into brick and stone walls.

Lengths of helibar extending 500mm either side of the crack are bonded into the slots using Helibond grout.

In repairing cracked walls Helitec Structural Services use marine grade stainless still bars positioned and installed with a specially formulated cement grout that ensures sustainable durability.

Repairing Cracked Walls?

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Our helical bars are also used to;

  • Forming deep masonry beams
  • Tying corners and wall junctions
  • Reconnnecting separated walls
  • Lintel stabilisation and creation
  • seismic upgrades

Our crack stitching methods reintroduces structural integrity and redistributes structural loads for quick, simple and permanent solution to masonry buildings.

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