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Stone Restoration

Helitec Structural Services are experts at replacing and repairing stone walls. At Helitec our qualified stonemasons take pride in their stone restoration craftsmanship. Stone arches, walls, lintels, landscape retaining  and sea walls are all covered.


When stone walls begin to show signs of deterioration such as erosion, cracking or fretting, there are a number of causes that may be to blame. Subsinance, water ingress, direct impact and salt degradation are some of the most common causes.

In most cases, individual pieces of stone will be visibly affected. However, the mortar joints between stonework may also show signs of disrepair. Where it is apparent stone restoration work is required, we will remove affected stones, treat the remaining ones as required to address the impacts of salt degradation and ultimately, replace and repoint the stone to return the wall to its original condition

Due to marine environments and low grades of materials used during construction, wall tie corrosion has become a common issue  in established buildings. If left untreated the consequence can lead to the exterior masonry of the cavity collapsing. Wall tie replacement is a fast and cost effective option available to eradicate the issue. The craftsmanship used during repair of stonework can be the difference between a building just being made stable or making it safe and  enhancing its beauty. At Helitec we are dedicated to ensuring every building we work on  looks great at the end of the job.

If the stone walls in your building-

  • Have movement
  • Are bowed or lean
  • Have falling Parapets
  • Falling floors
  • Have lateral movement between stone courses

Your walls may be failing, and in a worst-case scenario, they may collapse. CONTACT Helitec Structural Services today for your free site inspection.

Helitec Structural Services use proven methods to repair stone walls. Helitec Structural Services are Approved Helifix  Installers. Click on the LINK to see how it is done.

stone restoration

Stone Restoration

Heritage Restoration

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 Fully licenced and insured, all Helitec Structural Engineers are registered with Engineers Australia.

Our expert team will fix your stone walls

Our qualified highly skilled stonemasons and accredited structural engineers have a passion for bringing stone buildings back to glory. So don’t worry! Your home is in safe hands.

With our extensive experience, our structural engineers can diagnose the best cost saving method for the stone restoration of your building. Using the latest techniques and technological innovations, our team will stabilise your stone walls, and the foundations of your home if needed.

Our Guarantee:

  • Quick, efficient and professional service.
  • Free inspections.
  • Easy to understand quotations with easy to read building repair reports.
  • Affordable Pricing
  • Minimal disruptions to your enjoyment of your building and comfort of your buildings neighbours.
  • 10-year warranty: if your repaired arches and lintels begin failing, we’ll be back to fix them at no extra cost.

How Does Helitec Restore Stone Buildings? Visit our news pages to view past projects.


“Thanks Jerry, Mark and team. Very happy with the results of my crack stitching brickwork. Great job.  Thanks.”

Geoff, Hunters Hill NSW

Crack Stitching
Masonry Cracks Repairs

“Hi Jerry and the Helitec Team,
Thanks for the fantastic job you did on the entrance arch at Hillview, it looks great.
The engineer has taken a look and was very impressed.
Thanks again and look forward to working with your company again.”


Stone Restoration
Historic Hillview – Turramurra