Apartment Restoration At Bondi Beach

Apartment Restoration At Bondi Beach

Helitec Structural Services have completed another apartment restoration at Bondi Beach. Although enjoyment of the surf, sun and sand at Bondi are ageless pastimes the effects of weathering, salt and corrosion can cause masonry building to become structurally unsound.

TERAN was built in 1925 and over the last 95 years of being by the beach the effects of salt caused corrosion of the brick ties and deterioration of its mortar. Concrete lintels above the window openings suffered extensive spalling and sections of the brick walls became unstable because the brick ties joining the cavity walls had corroded to such an extent they were no longer serviceable.

Structural Engineers were engaged by the building owners to complete a full report on the Scope of Works necessary to make the building safe and structurally sound for the next 95 years.

The owners took the opportunity to not only make the building safe but return the original beauty of the brick façade including modernising both the interior and exterior paint scheme. Wisely, the owners decided to repoint the brick mortar rather than coating the masonry walls with render. This set the building apart from many others in the street that had been fully or partially rendered.

Helitec are proud of our masonry craftsmen’s ability to restore heritage buildings in NSW beyond clients expectations by employing strict conservative and sustainable methodologies.


Traditionally, wall ties were usually manufactured from galvanized mild steel. These ties were expected to last the lifetime of the building, generally 50 to 100 years but for many years it has been recognised that some of these wall ties have corroded well before this . When these ties corrode, they can expand to seven times their original thickness. This causes the brickwork to crack at the mortar joints and can result in major damage and sometimes the collapse of walls.

The effects of weathering and salt can accelerate corrosion of walls ties especially in the outer skin that is more exposed to moisture and wind. Like many buildings in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney after 95 years TERAN has was nearing the end of its functional life.


Failing brick ties cause the outer brickwork skin to become separated from the inner skin. This fault can be unseen for many years. Sometimes in high winds or storms the walls collapse. This is a dangerous situation. If your building is older you should have the condition of wall ties checked. At helitec we are experienced in repairing partial walls rather than demolishing and rebuilding walls saving the owners considerable money.


A major cause of damage during apartment restoration is concrete spalling and lintel damage. This is often caused by concrete expansion from rusting reinforcement bars. The expansion of the reinforcement bars cause the concrete to crack and become unsightly. Helitec are experts at repairing spalling concrete and concrete lintels without expensive demolitions and rebuilding. Our craftsmen have the skills to safely undertake repairs without the need to remove and replace windows. Our shoring methods means your building is safe from collapse or movement during the repairs.


During the apartment restoration the cast iron exterior sewage pipes that were simply ugly and rusting were replace with PVC and painted. The gutters were leaking and replaced with a slimline gutter ensuring stormwater was captured with no more drips.


The effects of salt and weather erosion on the mortar between brick corses had the building look tired and dilapidated. Helitec are masters at detailed mortar repointing. We are able to match existing mortar colours and can repoint partial walls or whole buildings. Worn and pitted mortar allows moisture ingress and accelerates the rusting of structural components. Repointing and tuck pointing older buildings can add years to the serviceable life of your masonry building. Helitec use specialist tools for chasing out the mortar and for dust control ensuring the highest standards. Only the highest grade of repointing mortars are used. This ensures the durability of repointed buildings for many years to come.


Although the bay windows had previously been replace the flashings were in disrepair. Decorative flashings were also installed on the brick pillar heads. The owners decided to replace the flashings whilst the building was wrapped in scaffolding. New flashing were folded to the exact profile needed and powder coated in a matching colour.



Once the apartment restoration structural repairs were complete Helitec undertook the repainting of the exterior and interior stairwell. A modern colour scheme was selected to update the 1960’s outdated green. This gave the building a much needed facelift and made it stand out from other buildings in the street.

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