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Fix your building while saving time and money with the lastest proven repair methods

Our expert team will fix your failing walls

We have over 25 years of experience in diagnosing and fixing variety of building and masonry problems.

Using proven Helifix repair systems for brick and masonry repairs our skilled technicians are able to fix and secure cracking, leaning and damaged walls quickly and effectively and often without the major costs of extensive underpinning and rebuilding.

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Helitec have successfully completed hundreds of successful restoration and remediation projects. Both large and small our services are tailored to meet your building defects repairs, we will complete your project in a timely manner at the lowest possible cost.

Helitec Structural Engineers are fully Licensed and Insured.

Helitec is a proud member of the Master Builder Association. The MBA promotes high standards and professionalism within the building industry.

JB553 – Conservation Remediation, Croydon Park Public School

Engineers & Architects, General Building Remediation, Heritage, Stone/Brick Restoration,

JB577 – Cracked Walls, Double Bay

Residential, Wall Cracks Repairs,

JB475 – Brick Wall Remediation, Narrandra

Facade Repairs, General Building Remediation, Residential,

JB582 – Cracked Wall Repairs, Leichardt

Heritage, Residential, Stone/Brick Restoration, Wall Cracks Repairs,