Earthquake Damage

Safeguarding Buildings From Earthquake Damage

Retrofit helical wall ties and reinforcements for seismic upgrades The recent earthquakes in Victoria were a reminder that although Australia’s tectonic plate is mostly stable and its border with the Antarctic, Pacific and Indian plates lie far out to sea … Read more

fixing cracked walls

Fixing of Cracked Walls – Marrickville

Helitec Structural Services were instructed to complete permanent building repairs to this semi-detached Marrickville cottage. The building needed fixing cracked walls and was suffering from various structural issues with external and internal wall cracking, rolling sandstone footings, deformed walls and … Read more

federation home strengthening

Federation Wall Strengthening

Because federation homes were generally built with shallow foundations compared to modern building standards they become susceptible to differential subsidence. Federation wall strengthening before cracks and distortions cause the loss of tensile strength can save you considerable money on future … Read more

affordable stone wall repairs

Affordable Stone Wall Repairs

Helitec Structural Services have qualified stonemasons who are able to repair cracked, sunken, leaning and deteriorated stone walls. We only use quality materials and repair processes that will restore the beauty of your stone wall. For affordable stone wall repairs … Read more

Restoration of BONDI BEACH Apartments

Helitec were called in to save and restore BONDI BEACH Apartments and breath new life into this deteriorating building beside the famous golden sands of BONDI BEACH. The building had extensive faults from the effects of salt and weather. The … Read more


Historical Lower Fort Street Restorations

Lower Fort Street in many ways is the most representative of “Old Sydney”. Trinity Church (formally Garrison Church) and The Hero Of Waterloo Hotel (originally The Young Princess) are located at the southern end of this historic street. The famous … Read more

Function of brick ties

Function of Wall Ties in Brick Buildings

Wall ties function is a critical component in modern masonry wall construction. They are designed to distribute and transfer loads (wind, seismic, impact and other) from the external skin or veneer to the internal walls or structural support system of … Read more

Repointing Brick Walls

Apartment Restoration At Bondi Beach

Helitec Structural Services have completed another apartment restoration at Bondi Beach. Although enjoyment of the surf, sun and sand at Bondi are ageless pastimes the effects of weathering, salt and corrosion can cause masonry building to become structurally unsound. TERAN … Read more

Heritage repairs to terrace in Newtown

Heritage Repairs to Terrace in Newtown

This beautiful heritage terrace in Newtown had experienced extensive internal and external wall cracking. Tree roots had infiltrated under the stone wall footings causing extensive damage. Helitec were called in to find a permanent solution to repairing the terrace that … Read more

Micro Piles

Underpinning with Micro Piles

Helitec Structural Services are experts at stabilising buildings that have sinking foundations, unstable soils, leaning or un level or have cracked walls. One of our popular methods is by using Helifix Dixie Micro Piles. Underpinning with micro piles take away … Read more

s sydneytrata repairs

Cracked Wall Repair

Helitec can permanently fix cracking walls. We are Helifix approved repairs so you can have peace of mind knowing your wall will be permanently repaired with tested and proven repair methods. We only use Helifix approved products with the highest … Read more

heritage & historical restorations

Heritage Repairs and Maintenance

Undertaking minor heritage repairs and maintenance can prevent a buildings defects becoming major rectification works and costing more in repairs. Whether your building is a high-density residential or commercial tower block, a warehouse or a free dwelling home there are … Read more

Stone Wall Repairs

Stone Wall Repairs – Historic Hillview

Helitec was called upon to undertake stone wall repairs at Turramurra. Turramurra is an  Aboriginal word which is thought to mean either high hill, big hill, high place, or small watercourse. The Aboriginal reference of high hill covered the range from Pymble to Turramurra The Hillview estate is … Read more

Dixie micro piles

Dixie Micro Piles

Helitec Structural Services are approved installers of Helifix systems including Dixie Micro Piles. Dixie Micro Piles is an efficient, economical and non-disruptive method of foundation stabilisation. Installing Micro Piles is the latest technology to permanently fix foundation movement and subsidence. … Read more

Wall crack repair

Cracked Wall Repair

This Double Bay home had extensive internal and external wall cracking. Helifix stainless steel Helibars were installed during the cracked wall repair using a cementious grout. Where needed Resities added stability to cavity walls fixed with resins. Helifix Resities Helitec … Read more

Covid-19 safety plan

Covid-19 Safety Plan

At Helitec we take our Health, Safety and Environment responsibilities seriously. We have added to our Safe Work Method Statement for each site our Covid-19 safety plan. Our plan follows the latest NSW Government advice and public health orders. We … Read more

pre-war bungalow repairs

Pre-War Bungalow Repairs

Helitec Structural Services have successfully completed many pre-war bungalow repairs in NSW. There are common problems with pre-war bungalows that have a long boundary wall adjacent to an internal hallway. Often the separation of the walls from the building substructures … Read more

conservation repairs

Conservation at Croydon

Croydon Public School is a public, co-educational, primary school located in Croydon a suburb of Sydney that required conservation of its original administration building. Established in February 1884, Croydon is historically important as one of the first schools built after the Public … Read more