Completed Facade

Victorian Terrace Balcony Repair

Helitec Structural Services was contacted for another challenging balcony repair project for a Victorian terrace in Redfern. We found that the terrace’s structural beam had rotted but our professional team worked to restore the terrace balcony, which saved the owners … Read more

Structural Repair on Class 2 Building

DBPA compliance is made easy with structural repair Maintaining the structural integrity and aesthetic appeal of buildings is important, especially here in Sydney for Class 2 structures, which include multi-family dwellings like apartment blocks. Brick facades, commonly found in older … Read more

federation home strengthening

Federation Wall Strengthening

Because federation homes were generally built with shallow foundations compared to modern building standards they become susceptible to differential subsidence. Federation wall cracks and distortions cause the loss of tensile strength. Wall strengthening can save you considerable money on future … Read more

Cracked wall - stitch and brick replacement

Cracked Wall Repair – Cost-effective

Helitec Offers Free Consultations for all our Projects Cracked wall repair – stitch & brick replacement, recently completed by Helitec Structural Services. This project at Macquarie Links, Sydney had a cracked brick wall. Being a single brick wall we were … Read more

Installation of Helifix Dixie Micro Piles

Inner West Underpinning – Micro Piles To The Rescue

Underpinning your building with Dixie Micro Piles can stabilise your building from subsidence. Perfect for Inner West Soils. It is a cost-effective alternative to chemical injection under your footings and foundations. Inner West Underpinning will eliminate cracked bricks permanently. This … Read more

Dixi Micro piles

Underpinning – Dixie Micro Piles

Underpinning your building with Dixie Micro Piles can stabilise your building from subsidence. it is a cost effective alternative to chemical injection under your footings and foundations. Helifix in-house engineers assess each situation and design repairs based on the damage … Read more

Bowed brick walls

Bowing Brick Walls

Strata building had a badly bowing and cracked walls The strata committee of this Middle Cove apartment block had received an engineering report showing the brick ties had corroded and needed replacement. The bowing brick walls had also caused other … Read more

Internal wall repairs

Internal Wall Cracks

Helitec are experts at repairing cracks in masonry walls. We use speciality building systems and materials when restoring internal wall cracks. Concord West Federation Restoration Recent rain events has caused cracking in masonry buildings walls. Federation homes in particular have … Read more

Terrace balcony repairs

Make Safe Your Terrace Balcony

Don’t let this happen to you The balcony structures in many East Sydney terrace homes need repairs to maintain their structural integrity. A major cause of balcony collapse is wood rot. Make safe your terrace balcony today. Most terraces are … Read more

Chimney repairs

Chimney Repairs

This chimney in Glebe was in danger of collapsing. The consulting engineering originally request steel bands be placed around the stack to keep it in place. Helitec suggested the chimney repairs use the tried and tested Helibeam structural strengthen system … Read more

Knockdown rescued

Rescued Knockdown – Georgetown

This old home in Georgetown, NSW was facing a total knockdown until Helitec was called in. The front half of the building was affected by ground subsidence that had affected both the exterior and interior masonry walls. Helitec undertook immediate … Read more

Earthquake Damage

Why use Helifix Approved Installers

Helitec Structural Services are approved installers of tried and tested Helifix repair and reinforcement products. Helifix has been established for over 30 years and operates a network of Helifix Approved Installers throughout Australia and New Zealand. Helitec can solve your … Read more

Sydney Restoration

Sydney Restoration

Restoration of terrace in Newtown. Helitec Structural Services have completed 100’s of Sydney Restoration projects. We can partially restore a facade up to a complete property restoration. We tailor project stages and management to suit your needs. Just Contact Us … Read more

Brick dividing Wall

Dividing Brick Wall Repair

Helitec Structural Services were called upon to repair a dividing brick wall that was deformed and had a large crack running diagonally down it. The owners were quoted many thousands of dollars to rebuilt the wall, but wanted an alternative … Read more

Restoring Architectural Heritage

This renowned building needed extensive remedial works from the effects of corrosion. Helitec successfully repaired extensive corrosion in this architectural heritage building that was designed by the architect John Athelstan Victor Nisbet. Completed in 1937, the design was directly inspired … Read more