Heritage Repairs and Maintenance

Heritage Repairs and Maintenance

Undertaking minor heritage repairs and maintenance can prevent a buildings defects becoming major rectification works and costing more in repairs. Whether your building is a high-density residential or commercial tower block, a warehouse or a free dwelling home there are varied reasons for buildings to have structural and or aesthetic problems.

Exposure to the elements, wind, rain, sun, failing structural components like brick ties and lintels, damage caused by vermin or rotting timbers can all lead to expensive repairs if not treated in the early stages.

A quick coat of paint or hasty render might give the aesthetics of your building a lift but covering up the problem is not a solution for your heritage home. Helitec have been solving heritage restoration problems and beautifying ageing buildings to the highest remediation standards.

Strengthing Walls

Don’t wait until your walls start crumbling. Get minors cracks fixed as soon as they appear. Save yourself money and give yourself peace of mind knowing your beautiful home is structurally sound and protected from major repair costs in the future.

Repointing Sandstone Walls

Many masonry walls in buildings along the coast have extensive wear to the mortar joints from the effects of salt. This can lead to accelerated deterioration if not repaired. Protect your building by having the mortar joints repointed. Repointing is a cost effective method for heritage repairs and maintenance.

Window Replacement

Often maintenance of windows is overlooked. Misaligned and rotting window frames and sills allow water to penetrate between the walls and causes damage to internal walls and floor joists. Replacing ageing windows with new windows styled to the period of your home will have you spending less money painting and waterproofing in the future.

Replacing corroded brick wall ties

Older buildings often need the ties between masonry walls replaced. Older building wall ties were made from galvanised steel and have not stood the test of time. The condition of ties in walls that are exposed to extreme weather conditions should be inspected. Early replacement will ensure the safety of residents and minimise future wall movement and displacement. Helitec use stainless steel helical wall ties for a permanent repair.

Concrete & Lintel Repairs

Helitec can repair spalling concrete and concrete cancer before your heritage building becomes structurally unsound. Have any spalling or concrete cancer fixed straight away so you don’t end up with expensive rebuilding costs.

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