Restoration of BONDI BEACH Apartments

Restoration of BONDI BEACH Apartments

Helitec were called in to save and restore BONDI BEACH Apartments and breath new life into this deteriorating building beside the famous golden sands of BONDI BEACH. The building had extensive faults from the effects of salt and weather. The building was in danger of collapsing as the brick ties holding the brick cavity walls together and giving the building stabilisation were rusted and no longer serviceable.

Wooden frames needed restoration and repainting, roofs and gutters needed replacing. Gas and sewage services had to be replaced. The mortar joints throughout the brick walls was deteriorated and worn away by the effects of wind and salt. The concrete lintels above window openings were rusted and cracked. Spalling concrete around window sills added to the buildings delapidated state.

The stairwell walls were badly cracked and the stairs needed painting. The water and sewage services on the external facade were corroded and at risk of failure.

Preliminary Works

Helitec repaired, relocated or diverted services to allow the building works. Site barriers, fencing and safety notices were erected.

Because Helitec have extensive experience in the total refurbishment of apartment buildings we are eligible to undertake high cost BUILDING + RESTORATION + REMEDIAL building works that must be covered by the Home Building Compensation Fund warranty scheme.

Helitec obtained the necessary council and statutory permits for the job.


Helitec Structural Services supply and erect our own scaffolding. Our Site Supervisors and Operatives are trained and accredited in the safe erection of steel scaffolding. When Helitec supplies and erects scaffold we can save thousand of dollars on your BUILDING + RESTORATION + REMEDIAL project.

Because the of the extensive scope of works scaffolding was erected in two stages. This allowed apartment residents minimal disruption with light and fresh air being available throughout the building program.

Cavity Wall Brick Tie Replacements

Due to the perilous state of the brick walls and the possibility that they would collapse the first task during the restoration of Bondi Beach apartments remediation program was to retrofit stainless steel helical ties. Helitec are approved installers of Helifix remedial systems and are experts at installing Resities by chemically tying helical pins between the outer and inner brick walls. Our methods mean the installation of the reinforcement is seamless and hidden without disturbance to rendering of the interior building walls.

Once the walls are reinforced Helitec have the equipment and testing regime to make sure brick ties are installed to the rigorous pull out strength as recommended by the manufacturer. Helitec only use proven and tested methods and we only use materials and expoxy of the highest standard on all of our BUILDING + RESTORATION + REMEDIAL projects.

Brick Wall Restorations

Some of sections of the brick walls where brick ties had been made ineffectual by corrosion had bowed and partially collapsed. The residents were in danger of bricks being dislodged and falling. Helitec have a team of experienced bricklayers skilled in restoring failing walls. We can partially demolish the wall, clean and reuse existing bricks to match the existing wall. Where bricks can’t be reused Helitec have a brick matching service so any replaced bricks look original.

Spalling Concrete

Spalling is when concrete has cracked and delaminated from the substrate. There are a number of reasons why spalling occurs, however the most common cause of spalling is the corrosion of embedded steel reinforcement bars or steel sections. Corroding steel can expand up to ten times its original volume, exerting stress on the surrounding concrete. The salty atmosphere along the heavily developed coastal areas of Sydney combined with less durable components used when structures were built means many buildings now need concrete repairs.

Spalling is not attractive and makes a structure look uncared for. More seriously, if the structure is in an area accessed by the public, or by workers, then spalling can be hazardous in terms of falling debris or trip hazards. If left unchecked then spalling will tend to accelerate and spread so that, eventually, the structure could become unstable. Diligent maintenance is therefore of great importance and legislation places a duty of care on owners to ensure that structures are not hazardous to users.

Spalling can have wide ranging consequences in terms of health and safety, structural integrity and asset value. Unfortunately, just removing flaking concrete and patch repairing the area does not address the underling cause of spalling concrete. Helitec removes any corroded concrete reinforcement, chemically treats any rust and uses stainless steel pins whilst repairing the concrete to its original new condition.

Spalling can be come a costly repair if not treated early. Contact Helitec today and speak to one of our helpful staff about how we can repair your spalling concrete, save you money and restore your building to its original condition.

Spalling concrete repair before re-render

Renewing Service Pipes

The owners decided to repair and renew several gas and sewage waste pipes during restore Bondi Beach apartments. Some of the waste pipe joints were seeping moisture and staining the brickwork. One of the gas pipes even had a small but dangerous leak. Fortunately the plumbing renewal costs were minimised because the tradesmen were able to gain easy access while the scaffolding was erected. Painting the service pipes with a new colour scheme during the restore BONDI BEACH apartments with the renewal of the cast iron pipes gave the building a fresh contemporary facade.

Roof and Gutters

The roofs and flashings above the previously replaced bay windows were dilapidated and unsightly. Helitec replaced the roofs and flashing by manufacturing aluminium roofs and flashings and powder coasting in the same colour scheme as the lintels and window sills giving the building a modern facade. Combined with the replacement of gutters around the building meant moisture ingress and any future decay of the masonry structure was eliminated. Helitec Structural Services can offer a whole of building resolution to your BUILDING + RESTORATION + REMEDIAL project.

Repointing Brick Mortar

Over time salt, weather and wall movement will cause the mortar between brick courses to deteriorate. Sydney suburbs along the coast are susceptible to the corrosive effects of salt. Breakdown of the mortar joint allows moisture to invade the cavity between double brick walls and corrode galvanised brick ties. Rust can occur in other components of the building expanding steel reinforcements causing concrete spalling.

Helitec Structural Services use specialist equipment during the preparation of the mortar joints before repointing. Dust control is a major issue that ensures the health and safety of residents and staff. We use Westox quality repointing mortars on sandstone, brick, concrete and block work. Helitec take great care in matching the mortar colour.

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The owners decided to give the Bondi Beach apartments a fresh modern paint scheme. A dark grey colour known as monument was selected. Exterior window flashing and roofs were refinished. The interior stairwell, doors and walls were also repainted to the highest of standards. The result speaks for itself. The care, professionalism and craftsmanship Helitec Structural Services maintain during restorations BUILDING + RESTORATION + REMEDIAL projects will increase the value of your apartments.

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