Brick Repointing Service

Brick Repointing Service

Contact us for your masonry repairs, Helifix Brick repointing service and any other structural issues.

Helitec Structural have recently restored a Federation Style Home in Clovelly, Sydney using Helifix ties and Heritage mortar

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Micro-movements have caused the building to crack and deteriorate over a period of time.

Brick repointing was a major requirement for this building.

The use of Helifix ties was important for our brick repointing service, to add lost strength to repair the brickwork

For Helitec, It’s important to match the mortars to the existing ones, not only for functionality but aesthetically.

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Lime mortar has been used for centuries and offers advantages over cement in certain buildings. It’s more flexible and breathable, allowing structures to move without cracking. Lime also promotes healthier historic buildings by preventing moisture issues. Additionally, it’s more environmentally friendly than cement, which has a higher carbon footprint during production.