Covid-19 Safety Plan

Covid-19 Safety Plan

At Helitec we take our Health, Safety and Environment responsibilities seriously. We have added to our Safe Work Method Statement for each site our Covid-19 safety plan.

Our plan follows the latest NSW Government advice and public health orders. We are guided by latest advice in the areas of;

Wellbeing of Staff and Visitors

  • Any unwell staff, clients and visitors are excluded from our construction sites.
  • Our Health, Safety and Environment officer undertakes spot checks for compliance with Covid-19 health advice.
  • An attendance register is completed for each construction site.
  • Our Site Supervisors complete site induction training for all staff and visitors.
  • Our HSE officer updates our Covid-19 safety plan practices and policies manual when the latest advice is received from NSW Health.

Physical Distancing

  • Non-essential personnel are restricted from our sites. Minimal personnel are allowed.
  • All our sites are fenced off with closed secured gates.
  • Physical distancing of at least 1.5 meters is maintained at all times.
  • Covid-19 signage is displayed around our construction sites.
  • When completing tasks where physical distancing is impractical we have process and controls are in place for the safety of our staff. These include wearing PPE, masks, goggles, limiting the amount of time of close contacting and disinfecting tools between use.
  • Meetings, inductions, rest breaks are to be undertaken in open-air spaces.

Hygiene and cleaning

  • Hand cleaning signage are displayed throughout our construction sites.
  • Sanitisers are positioned in key areas.
  • A hand cleaning station is located at evoked with disposable hand towels.
  • Sites are cleaned and disinfected regularly.
  • Before sharing a tool they are wiped with a disinfecting cloth.

Record keeping

  • Details of every visitor, client, staff and consultants are recorded before entry to our construction sites.
  • The privacy of these details is strictly maintained and access is limited to our Health Safety and environment officer.
  • We encourage the use of the contact tracing COVIDSafe app.
Covid Site Photo
HSE Officer conducting a Covid safety plan check

Contact us if you would like a copy of would like to discuss our Covid-19 safety plan.