Cracked Wall Repair – Cost-effective

Cracked Wall Repair – Cost-effective

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Cracked wall repair – stitch & brick replacement, recently completed by Helitec Structural Services. This project at Macquarie Links, Sydney had a cracked brick wall. Being a single brick wall we were able to repair the crack and replace the bricks for a seamless repair. The building was only a few years old but had suffered minor subsidence at the top of a steep driveway.


Sydney Crack stitching is a cost-effective method to reinstate the structural integrity and appearance of your building. We service Sydney and regional NSW. Helitec Structural Services repair ugly cracks in internal and external walls.

Cracked bricks replaced. Helitec then inserted stainless steel helical bars with a special grout. As a result, the grout stops any movement of the helical bars and is a permanent repair. Reinforcement helical bars installed provide reinforcement for the wall. Other methods like just sealing the crack just don’t work and the crack will shortly reappear even if the crack is behind render.

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Finally, the results speak for themselves. The care, professionalism and craftsmanship Helitec Structural Services maintain during the restoration BUILDING + RESTORATION + REMEDIAL projects will increase the value of your building and make it safe.

Helitec Structural Services are approved Helifix installers. We are licensed builders in NSW and operate in both metropolitan and regional areas. Founded in 2015 Helitec has successfully completed hundreds of jobs, commercial, industrial and residential. No job is too big or too small. We restore and repair heritage homes, stabilise walls, underpin buildings with Micro Piles, retrofit brick ties, repair balconies, fix cracked walls.

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