Dividing Brick Wall Repair

Dividing Brick Wall Repair

Helitec Structural Services were called upon to repair a dividing brick wall that was deformed and had a large crack running diagonally down it. The owners were quoted many thousands of dollars to rebuilt the wall, but wanted an alternative permanent solution to the damage.

Helitec use the latest tried and tested technology to repair failing walls. We are approved Helifix Installers and offer a warranty on all of of our repairs. Helifix are global suppliers of specialty grouts, resins and 316 grade stainless steel helical bars.

This dividing brick wall repair was completed without disruption to the buildings owners and neighbours.

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Large crack on rendered side of wall

The large diagonal crack was stitched along the mortar joints and had helical stainless steel bars inserted with Helifix specialty grout. Our experienced tradesmen ensure a seamless permanent repair.

The original character of the wall was maintained, with the owner of the property ‘over the moon’ with the quality of work and who was also quick to recommend Helitec to any friends and work colleagues with similar and other building problems.

Helitec offer free quotes for your failed brick wall.

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Helitec staff are experienced and qualified in traditional brick and stone masonry construction and undergo continuing education and training in the latest techniques, materials and methods in building construction and rectification.

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