Helitec Construction Training Programme

Helitec Construction Training Programme

Construction training
HELIFIX Training Seminar

Helitec Structural Services commitment to ongoing construction training is core to our success, we support and encourage our employees to continue to refresh and up-skill their existing qualifications.

Helitec staff have recently undertaken recent construction training in;

  • OH&S (Construction Industry Worker) accreditations.
  • Elevated Work Platform EWP licence (Scissor, Boom Lift) – YC20170302
  • Helifix Approved Installer Training – In house and Helifix
  • Working at heights – CPCCCM2010B
  • Scaffolding erection – CPCCLSF2001A
  • Supervising building work – CPC40110
  • First Aid  – HLTAID003
  • HRW, machinery licence (Fork) – TLILIC2001
  • RISI, Rail Industry Worker Licences – TLIF2080
  • Safety Testing & Inspection of Electrical Equipment – 136787
  • Prepare business activity and Income activity statements and tasks – FNSBKG404

Helitec In-house training program

construction training
HELITEC’s in-house masonry training wall

Helitec has a comprehensive staff construction training program for all operational staff before they can commence work on site. The Training Program aims to teach and encourage safe work practices as well as develop additional skills required to comply with the correct Helitec work practices and standards.

Completion of the Helitec Staff Training Program, assessment and certification is mandatory for all Helitec staff. We train our employees to the level of Helifix approved installers.

The Helitec Staff Training Program covers technical information and specialist skills and knowledge and understanding required for design, detailing and installation of helical masonry repair and strengthening systems.

The Training Program and regular updates aim to prepare field staff for additional and specific skills required for our projects. Our services are wide ranging including:

  • Remedial building, construction and scaffolding
  • Project management and occupant liaison
  • Structural problem analysis and solution planning
  • Construction permits approvals
  • Building warranties
  • Window and balcony door replacements
  • Re-tiling of balconies
  • Exterior finishes
  • Rendering and custom finishes to facade face
  • Balustrade upgrades
  • Masonry repointing and renewal
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