Heritage Repairs to Terrace in Newtown

Heritage Repairs to Terrace in Newtown

This beautiful heritage terrace in Newtown had experienced extensive internal and external wall cracking. Tree roots had infiltrated under the stone wall footings causing extensive damage. Helitec were called in to find a permanent solution to repairing the terrace that had been built in the 19th century. The interior and entrance walls had cracking throughout.

It was decided to strip the gyprock off the original walls to permanently fix the cracking by inserting Helibar and re-rendering the interior. The cracking had been hidden behind the gyprock walls but over time and further movement of the walls the cracking reappeared.

Once the walls were striped back the cracks were permanently repaired. Helitec Structural services are authorised preferred installers of Helifix masonry repair systems and guarantee our works.

The interior walls of the terraces had cracking that was effecting the structural integrity of the buildings. Helitec’s methods to remediate cracking walls is a permanent solution to restore the strength of damaged buildings.

Helitec undertook structural strengthening of the cracked party wall between the terraces by installing Helifix Dryfix® wall ties. After drilling pilot holes helical ties are inserted using a power driver to ensure a permanent solution.

After re-rendering the repaired walls and painting, the walls took on the texture and finish of when they were originally built.

The exterior of the terraces suffered unsightly cracking. Helitec fixed the wall cracks using Helifix tested and proven methods of masonry repairs saving the owners considerable cost by not having to rebuild the damaged walls.

This terrace had invasive tree roots that had damaged the floor footings. Included in our heritage repairs to terrace in Newtown was the removal of the exisiting timber floor and repairing of the footings

After restoring the structural integrity of the building and returning the interior to its original charm without hiding wall cracks behind gyprock, our heritage repairs to terrace in Newtown was a resounding success.

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