Historical Lower Fort Street Restorations

Historical Lower Fort Street Restorations

Lower Fort Street in many ways is the most representative of “Old Sydney”. Trinity Church (formally Garrison Church) and The Hero Of Waterloo Hotel (originally The Young Princess) are located at the southern end of this historic street. The famous Hickson Stairs sit beside the houses of Milton Terrace (circa 1870) at the other end of the street. Restorations of the streets buildings needs very experienced skills.

The Dawes Point area and Lower Fort Street is of state significance for its ability to demonstrate in is architectural, documentary and archaeological records and social composition the development of colonial and post-colonial settlement in Sydney. The close connections between the local Cadigal peopled the place are still evident in the archaeological and historic records. Geographical place names of the area reflect the indigenous affiliations with the place.

The whole place remains a living cultural landscape greatly valued by both its local residents and the people of New South Wales.

The ABC program Restoration Australia recently aired a episode on a House in Milton Terrace. The program touches on the difficulty, expertiese and craftsmanship required to restore these historical buildings.

Helitec Structural Services recently completed restoration and strengthening of walls in both No. 1 and No. 9 Milton Terrace. Using Helifix remedial systems and conservation techniques we were able to seemlessly save the walls and allow the rest of the buildings restoration works. Although the walls heavily deteriorated our craftsmen were able to retain the original workmanship completed more than a century ago. It is of utmost importance to retain as much of the original materials so that historical buildings breath the history.

Having been engaged with major conservation works and heritage and historical restorations Helitec can save you money and ensure the structural integrity and heritage value of your building.

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