Inner West Terrace Restoration – Forest Lodge – JB824

Inner West Terrace Restoration – Forest Lodge – JB824

Inner West Terrace Restoration Location:

Forest Lodge, Sydney, NSW (Inner West)

Restoration Description:

The owners of this beautiful Inner West Victorian Terrace contacted Helitec Structural in late 2022.

Their concerns were primarily water ingress and Structural cracking to the gable elevation of their Home.

The Victorian Terrace presented extensive internal damage linked to the above external issues.

After a thorough assessment, and consultations with waterproofing experts, product technicians and our own structural engineers, Helitec Structural was able to provide a repair detail that not only complied with the Heritage aspect it also ticked the box with the current Australian Standards.

A difficult aspect of this project was the access. The gable end of the Terrace is 10m in height, on sloping ground with a narrow pavement and in a school zone.

The City of Sydney council was very helpful in assisting us with the required permits and traffic management plans.

Crack stitching is a long-term or should we say permanent solution to cracked bricks, far outweighing the costly and detrimental unpredictable ground injecting.

It’s a must to use an approved installer for these products. Helitec Structural are nearing 30+ years of experience if you count our time involved with Helifix.

Our brief scope for the Inner West Terrance repair is as follows.

– Installation of Helifix Crackstitching to broken masonry
– Replacement  and restoration of delaminated render
– Removal of and replacement of fractured brickwork
– Lintel replacement – Helitec Structural use Stainless steel lintels to eliminate corrosion
– Installation of Emerclad Facade Co-polymer waterproof membrane
– Make good defective mortar joints & fractured bricks using mortar and oxides.
– 10 Years Warranty on repair


Emercald – Copolymer membrane

Helifix Structural Strengthening

Helifix Approved Installer

Completion Date:

March , 2023