JB825 – Gerroa – Mine Subsidence Repairs

JB825 – Gerroa – Mine Subsidence Repairs

Job Address:

Gerroa, NSW


– Install temporary propping to the affected masonry in accordance with Aegis recommendations.
– Use dust control equipment on power tools and protection of floors and surrounding surfaces during work.
– Supply and install 16Lm of Helifix CS01 HeliBar Crack Stitching and reinforcement to locations nominated in Aegis “annotated image” & additional image received on 06-10-22.
– Making good wall chases and fractured masonry with colour-matched mortar.
– Removal and replacement of up to 10 concrete blocks.
– Replacement of 3lm steel reinforcement. (Engineer to advise onsite)


Aegis Engineering Pty Ltd

Completion Date:

November, 2022