JB893 – Stanwell Park – Cracked Bricks

JB893 – Stanwell Park – Cracked Bricks

Job Address:

Stanwell Park, NSW (North Wollongong)


Crack stitching is the most reliable and cost effective solution to solve cracked bricks. The 30+ years of case studies speak for themselves. Bridges were built and bridges were crushed in the studies. The results are amazing.

Crack stitching is a long term or should we say permanent solution to cracked bricks, far outweighing the costly and un-predictable ground injecting.

It’s a must to use an approved installer  of these products. Helitec Structural are nearing 30+ years of experience if you count our time involved with Helifix.

Our brief scope for the cracked brick repairs are as follows.

– Use of dust control equipment on power tools and protection of floors and surrounding surfaces during works.
– Supply and install Helifix CS01 Crackstitching  to fractured masonry
– Removal of fractured brickwork
– Make-good defective mortar joints & fractured bricks using mortar and oxides.
– 10 Years Warranty on repair


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Completion Date:

May , 2023