Underpinning with Micro Piles

Underpinning with Micro Piles

Helitec Structural Services are experts at stabilising buildings that have sinking foundations, unstable soils, leaning or un level or have cracked walls. One of our popular methods is by using Helifix Dixie Micro Piles. Underpinning with micro piles take away the guesswork of using injected resins to lift and stabilise your building. Micro Pilling is a permanent solution to unstable soils and sinking foundations because over time resins react with different soil types and are affected by future ground movement. Often the only answer to correct a failing injection is to add more resin.

Residential Home in Dulwich Hill re-levelled

There are many reasons your home or building can sink. Droughts and floods, naturally compacting clays, erosion from broken stormwater pipes, poor civil engineering developments to name a few. Our engineers will visit your home assess the problem and plan a solution. We will give you quotation free of charge. Have your building assessed today before additional movement causes expensive repairs or rebuilding.

Residential home in Malabar with sandstone footings

Often the loss of foundation support affects only a portion of the building. Using Micro Piles aims at precise targets so there is no lifting of the structure unnecessarily. Future expansion of injected resins from additional soil movement can lift the building and cause damage. Underpinning with Micro Piles guarantees a low cost permanent solution.

Recently built home in Huskisson with poorly compacted soil

Changes to moisture content of foundation soils can cause buildings to subside and become unlevel. The weight of the building causes it to sink in some areas , often causing cracks to form. Helitec can solve this by installing Helifix helical bars using tried and proven methods combined with boring Micro Piles depending into soils to permanently resolve wall cracks.

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