Wall Stabilisation – Orion Centre in Campsie

Wall Stabilisation – Orion Centre in Campsie

The walls in this beautiful Art Deco building were surveyed for a period of a year to discover the amount of displacement caused by settlement or rotation. Although the displacement was insignificant the stepping cracks in the walls had increased and some cracking at the damp course had appeared. Wall stabilisation was to be achieved using tried and tested Helifix repair systems.

This displacement over the year indicated that the walls were moving probably due to lack of restraint. This fault occurs where the wall ties have corroded. It was decided to use Helifix Wall Ties and Crack Stitching bars to remediate the walls.

Wall Stabilisation
Signs of Step Cracking in the Brick Walls

Helitec use the latest technology to repair and strength masonry walls. Our tried and tested methods are guaranteed to remediated the most challenging wall defects. Our experienced tradesmen take the utmost care to ensure that repaired walls are unnoticeable from the original wall finishes.
Helitec only uses high quality materials and building components in our works. Every single job, no matter how large or small, is completed to the highest standards possible.

The following pictures show the level of detail our tradesmen and technicians undertake so you can be satisfied your cracked masonry walls are repaired to their former beauty. Our wall stabilisation methods are non invasive and permanent.


What We Won’t Do

Badly repaired wall seen adjacent to our Campsie remediation project

Adjacent to our project at Campsie was a wall that had been “repaired”.  As it turns out the work was not only unsightly but ineffective. The brick courses were not stitched across the cracks and a movement joint possibly could have avoided future cracking.

Helitec Structural Services  are approved installers of the Helifix remedial masonry system. Our workmanship is guaranteed.