Why use Helifix Approved Installers

Why use Helifix Approved Installers

Helitec Structural Services are approved installers of tried and tested Helifix repair and reinforcement products. Helifix has been established for over 30 years and operates a network of Helifix Approved Installers throughout Australia and New Zealand. Helitec can solve your building problems for residential, commercial, historic and strata buildings. Our expertise covers a range of applications including;

  • Retrofitting wall ties
  • Crack stitching
  • Tying walls to floor and roof joists
  • Reconnecting separated walls
  • Creating masonry beams
  • Repairing masonry arches
  • Creating movements joints
  • Adding strength and ductility

Helifix Approved Installers

Helifix Approved Installers can undertake site surveys and ensure products are installed correctly to achieve their optimum performance. The products and installation are supported by insurance-backed warranties.

By choosing a Helifix Approved Installer you ensure that products are installed correctly, to achieve their optimum performance, and high levels of quality control are maintained. All Helifix Approved Installers work in conjunction with Helifix who provide them with training, professional guidance and technical support. Customers can be confident that their repairs are carried out using the latest techniques to obtain an efficient, reliable, cost-effective solution.

You are guaranteed;

  • Only trained and qualified installers for high standards of quality workmanship
  • Products installed correctly for optimum performance
  • Design support from Helifix
  • Correct equipment and tooling employed
  • Genuine Helifix products used
  • Best standards of practice and Occupational Health and Safety
  • Work supported by insurance backed warranties

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MBA members

Use our Contact Page and one of our friendly team members will get in touch to discuss how Helitec Structural Services can help with repairs or a full restoration to your heritage building.


“Hello The Helitec Team,

“I just wanted to send you a thank you note regarding the remediation work on our strata title building in Mosman. Your team did a great job to high quality standards of workmanship and service professionalism. It is also important to say that your foreman;  Mark; was a first class leader of the work.  The way he quickly assessed the 2nd project for the front wall and continued the work seamlessly from the 1st project without fuss was excellent.

Many thanks.”