Fixing of Cracked Walls – Marrickville

Fixing of Cracked Walls – Marrickville

Helitec Structural Services were instructed to complete permanent building repairs to this semi-detached Marrickville cottage. The building needed fixing cracked walls and was suffering from various structural issues with external and internal wall cracking, rolling sandstone footings, deformed walls and support pillars and cracked archways, doors and window openings

Included in our spec was installing addition roofing supports in the attic above bedroom 1/bedroom 2. We also squared off and relined the attic/study room walls making the area functional.

fixing of cracked walls
Floor plan showing cracks and movement

Sandstone Footings

Because the sandstone footing were rolling and causing the masonry walls to move Helitec completed partial underpinning which included excavating under the sandstone and pouring concrete pads.

Verandah Wall & Pillars

The verandah side walls and pillars were cracked and misaligned. This meant the walls were unstable and subject to excessive movement. We used Helifix proprietary strengthening systems to repair the faults.

Entry Door and Arch

The front door had suffered cracking and needed repair. Helitec craftsmen removed cracked bricks and strengthened the doorway. The door opening was rebuilt.

Bedroom Walls

The front bedroom had extensive wall cracking. After chasing out the mortar and inserting stainless steel helical bars with Helifix proprietary cementious grout the walls were permanently restored to their former strength.


The two hallway arches had cracks and deformities. Helitec were able to successfully restore the arches to their original condition using Helifix masonry repair systems and proprietary resins. Our expert craftsmen can restore the most difficult building component.

Fixing of cracked walls in Living Room.

Helitec tried and tested methods mean minimal disruption to your home during our works to restore the structural integrity of walls. Our tradesmen complete the works in a fast and efficient way allowing you to return to using the space quicker.

Dining Room Widow Cracks

We use stainless steel Helifix bars and specially formulated grouts for a permanent solution to wall cracks. Early attention to wall cracks will save you money. We can stabilise your walls and ensure your wall cracking problems are fixed.

Helitec have completed many structural repairs to masonry buildings. Visit our News Pages to learn more about how we endeavour to complete our projects beyond owners expectations. Our craftsmen take pride in each and every on of BUILDING + RESTORATION + REMEDIATION projects.

Repurposing the Attic

The owner wanted to make their attic space more functional. The floor needed strengthening and unused edge space needed framing for the installation of storage cupboards. Helitec employs all trades including plumbers, electricians and carpenters to complete with confidence any building works requested by our clients.

Helitec have completed many restorations and repairs to cracked walls. Visit our News Pages to learn more about how we endeavour to complete our projects beyond owners expectations. Our craftsmen take pride in each and every on of our BUILDING + RESTORATION + REMEDIATION projects.

Master Builders Association

We guarantee our repairs and offer warranty. Visit our cracked wall repair post to learn more.