Historical Lower Fort Street Restorations


Historical Lower Fort Street Restorations

Lower Fort Street in many ways is the most representative of “Old Sydney”. Trinity Church (formally Garrison Church) and The Hero Of Waterloo Hotel (originally The Young Princess) are located at the southern end of this historic street. The famous … Read more

Function of brick ties

Function of Wall Ties in Brick Buildings

Wall ties function is a critical component in modern masonry wall construction. They are designed to distribute and transfer loads (wind, seismic, impact and other) from the external skin or veneer to the internal walls or structural support system of … Read more

Dixie micro piles

Dixie Micro Piles

Helitec Structural Services are approved installers of Helifix systems including Dixie Micro Piles. Dixie Micro Piles is an efficient, economical and non-disruptive method of foundation stabilisation. Installing Micro Piles is the latest technology to permanently fix foundation movement and subsidence. … Read more

strata building repairs

Bondi Rescue

Helitec saves the façade of an iconic 1930’s apartment block from collapse Raking shores were erected to provide emergency temporary support to façade brickwork. Wall plates and shores were used to support the dangerously bowed and unstable brickwork at this … Read more

Francis Greenway Gets A Face Lift

Francis Greenway – LIVERPOOL TAFE COLLEGE HISTORY The former Liverpool Hospital complex is of State significance as one of the oldest, substantially intact colonial hospital complexes in Australia. Helitec were called in to undertake historical restoration of failing arches. Built by … Read more