Function of Wall Ties in Brick Buildings

Function of brick ties

Function of Wall Ties in Brick Buildings

Wall ties function is a critical component in modern masonry wall construction. They are designed to distribute and transfer loads (wind, seismic, impact and other) from the external skin or veneer to the internal walls or structural support system of … Read more

Stone Wall Repairs

Stone Wall Repairs – Historic Hillview

Helitec was called upon to undertake stone wall repairs at Turramurra. Turramurra is an  Aboriginal word which is thought to mean either high hill, big hill, high place, or small watercourse. The Aboriginal reference of high hill covered the range from Pymble to Turramurra The Hillview estate is … Read more

Dixie micro piles

Dixie Micro Piles

Helitec Structural Services are approved installers of Helifix systems including Dixie Micro Piles. Dixie Micro Piles is an efficient, economical and non-disruptive method of foundation stabilisation. Installing Micro Piles is the latest technology to permanently fix foundation movement and subsidence. … Read more

Restoring Architectural Heritage

This renowned building needed extensive remedial works from the effects of corrosion. Helitec successfully repaired extensive corrosion in this architectural heritage building that was designed by the architect John Athelstan Victor Nisbet. Completed in 1937, the design was directly inspired … Read more

Wall crack repair

Cracked Wall Repair

This Double Bay home had extensive internal and external wall cracking. Helifix stainless steel Helibars were installed during the cracked wall repair using a cementious grout. Where needed Resities added stability to cavity walls fixed with resins. Helifix Resities Helitec … Read more

conservation repairs

Conservation at Croydon

Croydon Public School is a public, co-educational, primary school located in Croydon a suburb of Sydney that required conservation of its original administration building. Established in February 1884, Croydon is historically important as one of the first schools built after the Public … Read more

Brickie's sand

What’s wrong with brickie’s sand?

What’s wrong with brickie’s sand? Simple shake test surveys of common “brickie’s sands” show that almost all typically exceed (some by up to three times) the maximum (10%) clay content permitted by Australian Standards (AS4773.2, Section 3.2.3) for use in … Read more

Helifix brick ties

Double Bay Restoration

The partial collapse of the external brickwork of a neighbouring apartment block, due to corroded cavity wall ties, promoted the owners of this harbour side apartment building in Double Bay to engage an Engineer to also investigate and report on … Read more


Workability additives and mortar bond strength

Workability additives and mortar bond strength Many bricklayers will use workability additives to “fatten up” the mortar mix, but what does this do to the mortar bond strength? There appears to be a lot of confusion and misinformation in the … Read more

Repointing Brick Walls

Why Traditional Lime Mortar

Why Traditional Lime Mortar? Helitec Site Supervisor and heritage Stonemason, Mark Downton discusses the advantages of using traditional and compatible mortars in heritage restoration work. Damaged to stone can often result when incompatible mortars are used The use of traditional … Read more

Expansion Joints – TAFE Shellharbour

Fixing Expansion Joints and Crack Stitch Repairs. Helitec were called in to fix inadequate movement joints at the north elevation wall of Block G at the Shellharbour TAFE. Themal and moisture movement had damaged the wall.  The brick wall also … Read more